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      About A-1

      What's A-1?

      A-1 system hopes to satisfy orthodontists』 clinical demand for screw applications through providing easy manipulation, varieties of head design and two choices of materials (titanium and stainless steel). Because of the brainstorm of orthodontists around the world, the use of screws in orthodontics has become widespread and the range of indications are expanded as well, including Class II, Class III, Malocclusions, middle line correction, opening deep bite, molar intrusion and space lose etc.

      A-1 Guarantee

      In order to maintain high quality and goodwill of A-1 system, each screw has strict quality control during the manufacture process. If orthodontists find the tip of a screw curved while using it, it may mainly result from the patients』 intensive bone quality which is 0.1% probability. Please orthodontists get a grip on the patients』 bone quality first rather than insert directly into the bone.


      That is nightmare for orthodontists while finding screw fracture during insertion process. Most of the reasons are the insertion path can not keep consistent direction that usually cause the screw a little twist and become more and more serious as screw goes into bone deeper that always makes the screw fracture suddenly. There are two possibilities that cause screw direction changed. The first is the surface of instrument that holds the screw become worm-out that will cause screw wobbling. The second is that the patient makes a little movement during the insertion process. In order to avoid two situations happening, first check the instrument regularly and second select the bigger diameter 2.0mm that can help reduce the possibilities of screw fracture.

      A-1 Guide


      The content is selected from Dr. John Jin-Jong Lin』s academic monograph, Creative Orthodontics, Blending the Damon System and TADs to Manage Difficult Malocclusions. If you have interest in purchasing it, please don』t hesitate to contact us.

      Chapter 1 Material compare

      Titanium alloy VS Stainless steel

      Conventional dental implants are designed for long-lasting prostheses. They require osseointegration so the material with which they are manufactured is pure titanium or titanium alloy, orthodontic implants do not need for osseointegration, because they will remove after treatment. Their retention via mechanical lock means that immediate loading following insertion is possible without the need for osseointegration. In this case Stainless steel is better than titanium alloy, in most situation, Stainless steel』s penetration and strength are strong enough to self-drilling. But to consider some people with bad bone quality or allergic to stainless steel. Doctors can choice titanium alloy. Remember, titanium alloy should predrill a hole before implanting a screw.

      Stainless Steel Titanium Alloy

      Elastic Modulus(Gpa)

      193 100

      Yielding Strength(Mpa)

      170-1210 795

      Tensile Strength(Mpa)

      480-1300 860


      12-40 10

      Chapter 2 How to implant

      Implant Site Surgery


      IZC Infrazygomatic Crest

      No flap self-drilling


      Buccal Shelf

      Flap without suture pre-drilling


      Mid-Palatal Region

      No flap self-drilling


      Upper and Lower Anterior Interdental

      No flap self-drilling


      Anterior Nasal Spine Region

      Flap without suture self-drilling


      Mentolabial Sulcus

      Flap without suture self-drilling


      Edentulous Area

      No flap self-drilling


      Palatal of Upper Molars

      No flap self-drilling

      Chapter 3 Note of implanting

      (1) fractures caused by appliances that are too small

      The early vision of MIA mini-screws were made of pure titanium in diameters of only 1.2mm. Mini-screws of such small diameters are quite sensitive to torqueing force, which make them fracture quite frequently in the alveolar bone. It is not only frustrating but also time-consuming to remove a fracture mini-screw from bone. Stainless steel mini-screw with diameters of 2.0mm can totally avoid the headache of fracture problems.

      (1.1) Deformed tip

      If an A-1 screw is found deformed in the tip when it is penetrating into the bone initially, it is because the bone density of patient is harder than the screw. As a result, doctors have to predrill rather than implant the screw once again; otherwise, it will take the high risk in fracturing the screw and will be very annoying to take the fractured screw out of the bone.

      Under the microscope, we can find three conditions of A-1 screw:
      1. One is the UN-USED normal screw that has smooth appearance and very sharp tip.
      2. Another is the UN-USED screw with also smooth appearance but with a malformed tip due to mechanical false cut, all of which will be checking out and throwing away before leaving the factory.
      3. The other is USED screw that has rough appearance and bending tip because of exerting.
      We have very strict quality control and examine 100% each of our screws before leaving the factory and company.

      (2) Peri-implantitis around mini-screw

      The LOMAS and Spider screw, et al. have a special platform for better adaptation of soft tissue contact but the author finds if the mini-screw platform comes too close to the gingiva, it can easily cause peri-implantitis. To reduce the frequency of peri-implantitis, instruct patients to clean the mini-screw daily with a small brush and cotton buds moistened with 0.1% chlorhexidine. If the mini-screw is inserted over in the mucosa, even the head of mini-screw can be away from mucosa, mini-screw can easily irritate movable mucosa and cause peri-implantitis so the author recommends placing mini-screws in non-movable attached gingiva whenever possible.

      (3) Heavy force

      Since the author uses mini-screws with diameters of 2mm, stability is not an issue if the force load is appropriate to the arch-no greater than 300gm in the maxilla and no greater than 500gm in the mandible. If the force is greater than these specifications, the mini-screw might become loose.

      (4) Injuries of roots

      Studies done on research animals indicate that mini-screw-related root injuries can heal by itself; however, the author recommends avoiding root injuries because of limited research in this area. Demonstrates a case in which a root injury occurred while the patient was undergoing pilot drilling. The patient remained completely unaware of the occurrence. The best method for preventing root injuries is to reduce the use of pilot drilling and to refrain from inserting mini-screws in tooth-bearing areas.

      (5) Quality of bone

      Misch categorizes the density of bone into four types: D1, D2, D3 and D4. D3 and D4 bone types are the least dense of the four bone types. D1 and D2 bone types are more suitable for mini-screw placement. In rare cases, the bone quality of D1 and D2 is not sufficient. Easy insertion at the beginning of the placement often indicates a poor outcome.

      (5.1) Improvement suggestions

      Due to poor bone quality of patients, there are three placements more suitable for implanting
      (a) hard palatal : use 2.0 X 8 , 2.0 X 10, 2.0 X 12 A-1 P screw
      (b) infrazygomatic crest : use 2.0 X 8, 2.0 X 10, 2.0 X 12 A-1 P screw
      (c) infrazygomatic crest (in higher position): use 2.0 X 14 or 17 IZC screw
      (d) buccal shelf : use 2.0 X 8 , 2.0 X 10, 2.0 X 12 A-1 P screw
      (e) modified buccal shelf : use 2.0 X 14 or 17 IZC screw

      (6) Mobility of mini-screws

      According to a report by Liou, et al., loaded mini-screws are not stationary and can move approximately 1.5 to 2 mm. In order to avoid root injuries while inserting mini-screws interdentally, allow at least 1.5 to 2 mm of space to accommodate this mobility.

      (7) Inflammation, swelling and pain

      Inflammation, swelling and pain can occur when using the closed method of insertion (raising a flap), especially when the attachment involves a large area. Antibiotics, anti-inflammatory medications and analgesics are effective these conditions. Using self-drilling stainless steel mini-screws usually precludes such problems and when they do occur, an analgesic is typically sufficient to control pain.

      (8) Mini-screw loosen

      To avoid mini-screw loosen, doctors need to cosider patient's bone quality and situation of placement in advance. There are two situations which should be avoided
      (a) low sinus floor
      (b) movable gingiva

      (8.1) Improvement suggestions

      (a) Doctors can choose miniplate instead of mini-screw for bad bone quality. There are L-shape and Y-shape miniplates as picture illustrated.For more details please contact us

      Chapter 4 How to remove

      Mini-screw insertion requires anesthetization; however, removal requires no anesthesia if the head of the mini-screw is sufficiently exposed. If the head of mini-screw is close to the gingiva, use topical anesthetization. If the head of mini-screw is completely covered by soft tissue, use some anesthesia to remove it.

      A-1 Products

      A-1 C I Type
      (designed for Coil spring)

      Recommended by Dr. Ming-Guey Tseng. Suitable for general coil spring.

      (1) The special thread of titanium screw is designed for children and adults with bad bone quality.
      (2) If patients are allergic to stainless steel, dentists can change to use titanium alloy screw.

      (1) It should be avoided to over-bend the screw before using. Otherwise, it will make it broken.
      (2) It should predrill a hole before implanting a screw if patients have hard bone density.
      (3) Please sterilize this product before using.
      (4) SINGLE USE ONLY.

      Titanium Alloy Stainless Steel Description(mm)
      A-1C-411508 A-1C-211508 1.5x8
      A-1C-411510 A-1C-211510 1.5x10
      A-1C-411512 A-1C-211512 1.5x12
      A-1C-412008 A-1C-212008 2.0x8
      A-1C-412010 A-1C-212010 2.0x10
      A-1C-412012 A-1C-212012 2.0x12
      A-1C-412014 A-1C-212014 2.0x14
      A-1C-412017 A-1C-212017 2.0x17

      A-1 C II Type
      (designed for Coil spring)

      Suitable for general coil spring. Simple Design, Cheaper Price.

      (1) It should be avoided to over-bend the screw before using. Otherwise, it will make it broken.
      (2) It should predrill a hole before implanting a screw if patients have hard bone density.
      (3) Please sterilize this product before using.
      (4) SINGLE USE ONLY.

      Stainless Steel Description(mm)
      A-1 J-202008 2.0x8
      A-1 J-202010 2.0x10
      A-1 J-202012 2.0x12
      A-1 J-202014 2.0x14

      A-1 P I Type
      (designed for Power chain & Rubber band)

      Recommended by Dr. Johnny Joung-Lin Liaw.Suitable for power chain & rubber band.

      (1) The special thread of titanium screw is designed for children and adults with bad bone quality.
      (2) If patients are allergic to stainless steel, dentists can change to use titanium alloy screw.

      (1) It should be avoided to over-bend the screw before using. Otherwise, it will make it broken.
      (2) It should predrill a hole before implanting a screw if patients have hard bone density.
      (3) Please sterilize this product before using.
      (4) SINGLE USE ONLY.

      Titanium Alloy Stainless Steel Description(mm)
      A-1P-411508 A-1P-211508 1.5x8
      A-1P-411510 A-1P-211510 1.5x10
      A-1P-411512 A-1P-211512 1.5x12
      A-1P-412007 A-1P-212007 2.0x7
      A-1P-412008 A-1P-212008 2.0x8
      A-1P-412010 A-1P-212010 2.0x10
      A-1P-412012 A-1P-212012 2.0x12
      A-1P-412014 A-1P-212014 2.0x14
      A-1P-412017 A-1P-212017 2.0x17

      A-1 P II Type
      (designed for triple layer Power chains)

      Recommended by Dr. Patricia Vergara .Suitable for triple layer power chains.

      (1) The special thread of titanium screw is designed for children and adults with bad bone quality.
      (2) If patients are allergic to stainless steel, dentists can change to use titanium alloy screw.

      (1) It should be avoided to over-bend the screw before using. Otherwise, it will make it broken.
      (2) It should predrill a hole before implanting a screw if patients have hard bone density.
      (3) Please sterilize this product before using.
      (4) SINGLE USE ONLY.

      Titanium Alloy Stainless Steel Description(mm)
      A-1PL-411508 A-1PL-211508 1.5x8
      A-1PL-411510 A-1PL-211510 1.5x10
      A-1PL-411512 A-1PL-211512 1.5x12
      A-1PL-412008 A-1PL-212008 2.0x8
      A-1PL-412010 A-1PL-212010 2.0x10
      A-1PL-412012 A-1PL-212012 2.0x12
      A-1PL-412014 A-1PL-212014 2.0x14

      A-1 H I Type
      (The Hook is designed for both power chain and coil spring.)

      Designed for both coil spring and power chain.

      (1) The special thread of titanium screw is designed for children and adults with bad bone quality.
      (2) If patients are allergic to stainless steel, dentists can change to use titanium alloy screw.

      (1) It should be avoided to over-bend the screw before using. Otherwise, it will make it broken.
      (2) It should predrill a hole before implanting a screw if patients have hard bone density.
      (3) Please sterilize this product before using.
      (4) SINGLE USE ONLY.

      Titanium Alloy Stainless Steel Description(mm)
      A-1H-411508 A-1H-211508 1.5x8
      A-1H-411510 A-1H-211510 1.5x10
      A-1H-411512 A-1H-211512 1.5x12
      A-1H-412008 A-1H-212008 2.0x8
      A-1H-412010 A-1H-212010 2.0x10
      A-1H-412012 A-1H-212012 2.0x12
      A-1H-412014 A-1H-212014 2.0x14

      A-1 H II Type
      (The double Hooks are designed for both power chain and coil spring.)

      Designed for both coil spring and power chain.

      (1) The special thread of titanium screw is designed for children and adults with bad bone quality.
      (2) If patients are allergic to stainless steel, dentists can change to use titanium alloy screw.

      (1) It should be avoided to over-bend the screw before using. Otherwise, it will make it broken.
      (2) It should predrill a hole before implanting a screw if patients have hard bone density.
      (3) Please sterilize this product before using.
      (4) SINGLE USE ONLY.

      Titanium Alloy Stainless Steel Description(mm)
      A-1DH-411508 A-1DH-211508 1.5x8
      A-1DH-411510 A-1DH-211510 1.5x10
      A-1DH-411512 A-1DH-211512 1.5x12
      A-1DH-412008 A-1DH-212008 2.0x8
      A-1DH-412010 A-1DH-212010 2.0x10
      A-1DH-412012 A-1DH-212012 2.0x12
      A-1DH-412014 A-1DH-212014 2.0x14

      Torque Screw

      A-1 Torque Screw

      The function of Torque Screw is similar with the bracket screw but its hole is designed rectangular in order to put 17-21 x 25 wires. It can replace for the buccal tube.

      (1) It should be avoided to over-bend the screw before using. Otherwise, it will make it broken.
      (2) It should predrill a hole before implanting a screw if patients have hard bone density.
      (3) Please sterilize this product before using.
      (4) SINGLE USE ONLY.

      Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Description(mm)
      A-1CS-221508 A-1PS-221508 A-1HS-221508 1.5x8
      A-1CS-221510 A-1PS-221510 A-1HS-221510 1.5x10
      A-1CS-221512 A-1PS-221512 A-1HS-221512 1.5x12
      A-1CS-222008 A-1PS-222008 A-1HS-222008 2.0x8
      A-1CS-222010 A-1PS-222010 A-1HS-222010 2.0x10
      A-1CS-222012 A-1PS-222012 A-1HS-222012 2.0x12
      A-1CS-222014 A-1PS-222014 A-1HS-222014 2.0x14

      Functional Screw

      Bracket Screw

      A bracket is welded on the head of screw. It is suitable for patients who have difficulties to stick brackets on their teeth

      (1) It should be avoided to over-bend the screw before using. Otherwise, it will make it broken.
      (2) It should predrill a hole before implanting a screw if patients have hard bone density.
      (3) Please sterilize this product before using.
      (4) SINGLE USE ONLY.

      Stainless Steel Description(mm)
      A-1N-211507 1.5x7
      A-1N-211508 1.5x8
      A-1N-211510 1.5x10
      A-1N-211512 1.5x12
      A-1N-212008 2.0x8
      A-1N-212010 2.0x10
      A-1N-212012 2.0x12
      A-1N-212014 2.0x14

      Anterior Subapical Screw

      「In the past, we usually had problems in using mini-screw anchorage to intrude incisors because the exposed part of mini-screw will cause mucosal ulcerations. The closed technique of the mini-screw insertion can reduce the possibilities of soft tissue ulceration. At first, a vertical incision about 2 mms was made in the neighborhood of the labial frenum before mini-screw insertion. After drilling about 2 or 3 threads of the screw into the cortical bone, change the inserting angle, about 45 degree to the occlusal plane to keep it from damaging the roots. The ligature wire should be tied on when the mini-screw is inserted to the level of the mucosal surface, and then keep on inserting the screw until it is imbedded under the mucosa. The twisted ligature wire was then placed into the slot on the platform of the mini-screw so that the ligature wire will not impinge the prominent dentoalveolus. Here are the two ways to hang power chain between extension hook and arch wire. One is using ligature wire to lead the last ring of the power chain pass through the first ring, letting the power chain tie on the arch wire, and then hang it on the hook with appropriate length. The other way is to hang one end of the power chain on the hook, and then tie the other end to the arch wire by ligature wire.」

      (1) It should be avoided to over-bend the screw before using. Otherwise, it will make it broken.
      (2) It should predrill a hole before implanting a screw if patients have hard bone density.
      (3) Please sterilize this product before using.
      (4) SINGLE USE ONLY.

      Stainless Steel Description(mm)
      A-1N-211507 1.5x7
      A-1N-211508 1.5x8
      A-1N-211510 1.5x10
      A-1N-211512 1.5x12
      A-1N-212008 2.0x8
      A-1N-212010 2.0x10
      A-1N-212012 2.0x12
      A-1N-212014 2.0x14

      IZC Screw

      The IZC Screw is designed for Infrazygomatic Crest site. When the screw is locked into this site, it usually needs to penetrate thick soft tissue. In order to avoid unnecessary injure and make patients more comfortable, we substitute half smooth surface of screw for half thread.

      Half-Thread TADs
      No inflammation on soft-tissue

      Whole Thread TADs
      obviousely seen there's an inflammation on soft-tissue

      modified buccal shelf
      use 2.0 X 14 or 17 IZC screw

      (1) It should be avoided to over-bend the screw before using. Otherwise, it will make it broken.
      (2) It should predrill a hole before implanting a screw if patients have hard bone density.
      (3) Please sterilize this product before using.
      (4) SINGLE USE ONLY.

      Stainless Steel Description(mm)
      A-1CIZC-212014 2.0x14
      A-1CIZC-212017 2.0x17
      A-1PIZC-212014 2.0x14
      A-1PIZC-212017 2.0x17

      Micro Screw

      for interdental(between roots) or anterior teeth

      M Screw

      1.Fitted between roots
      2.For coil spring
      3.The design of cylinder thread makes it very stable and firm.
      4.Made by stainless steel and stronger than other system.

      (1) It should be avoided to over-bend the screw before using. Otherwise, it will make it broken.
      (2) It should predrill a hole before implanting a screw if patients have hard bone density.
      (3) Please sterilize this product before using.
      (4) SINGLE USE ONLY.

      Stainless Steel Description(mm)
      M-211305 1.3x5
      M-211307 1.3x7
      M-211308 1.3x8
      M-211309 1.3x9

      V Screw

      1.The design of circular head and thin platform hardly irritates patients.
      2.For general power chain. (We also provide special coil spring for V Screw.)
      3.The design of cylinder thread makes it very stable and firm.
      4.The design of square platform makes implant very easy.

      (1) The special thread of titanium screw is designed for children and adults with bad bone quality.
      (2) If patients are allergic to stainless steel, dentists can change to use titanium alloy screw.

      (1) It should be avoided to over-bend the screw before using. Otherwise, it will make it broken.
      (2) It should predrill a hole before implanting a screw if patients have hard bone density.
      (3) Please sterilize this product before using.
      (4) SINGLE USE ONLY.

      Titanium Alloy Stainless Steel Description(mm)
      V-401407 V-201407 1.4x7
      V-401408 V-201408 1.4x8
      V-401409 V-201409 1.4x9
      V-401410 V-201410 1.4x10

      RPE with A-1 Screw

      SMES- Skeletal Maxillary Expander with Screw

      -This article by courtesy of Dr. HONG-PO CHANG

      Mini-implant Assisted Rapid Maxillary Expansion (MARME) device is used to correct transverse maxillary deficiency and arch-length discrepancy in an adult. The Skeletal Maxillary Expander with Screw (SMES) is a MARME device, specially designed to deliver the expansion force to 4 mini-implants inserted deeply, engaging both layers of the cortical bone (palatal and nasal layers) for bicortical anchorage; the first molars are used to stabilize the position of the jackscrew during expansion rather than anchorage. SMES protocol is a non-surgical treatment alternative in adult maxillary transverse deficiency with excellent post-retention stability and minimum buccal tooth tipping effect.

      First generation SMES #9 First generation SMES #11 Second generation SMES #9 Second generation SMES #11
      mm/round 0.6mm 0.6mm 0.6mm 0.6mm
      arms? 1.5mm 1.5mm 0.9mm 0.9mm
      body 14mm 16mm 9mm 11mm
      max expansion lenght 4.2mm 6mm 7mm 9mm

      1、SMES Device Introduction

      1.1、 As the illustration of 2.2, in order not to use strength over 30kg, it is better to do some micro perforation to damage some cortical bone for adult patients.

      1.2、Due to the nearer the anteriors, the better the bone quality, put the expansion device as close to the anteriors as possible, if you can.

      1.3、In order to make whole expansion device stable and avoid dislocation when putting the device into the bone. It』s better for you to put the band in the molars to connect with the device.

      1.4、We suggest you can put 2x12 in the hole of device that near anteriors and 2x10 in the back because according to CBCT under normal situation, the bone plate near the anteriors is thicker.

      2、Second generation SMES Device Introduction

      2.1、The direction of arrow in the device have to point towards the anteriors, so that the device can match the key to work.

      2.2、The maximum torqueing force that central screw can withstand is 305 newton (30kg), if it is over that specification, the wrench will get disengagement from the central screw or damage the structure of central screw, the function of expansion won』t work. The remedy is to use the needle key to insert into the hole of central screw for the try of expansion.

      2.3、According to our engineer』s test, the maximum expansion amount for #9 is 7mm. the maximum expansion amount for #11 is 9mm. This is only for reference. The real expansion amount is according to clinical performance of different patient.

      Suggested Screws

      Titanium Alloy Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Description(mm)
      A-1P-412010 A-1P-212010 A-1N-212010 2.0x10
      A-1P-412012 A-1P-212012 A-1N-212012 2.0x12

      Suggested Instruments

      Due to Contra Angle Hand Driver doesn't lock the screw into the device very firmly in the last stage of insertion, doctors need to use another instruments( Hand Driver or Ratchet Wrench )to fix this situation have the screw lock into the divice very firmly.

      A-1 Instruments

      Long Blade

      Rotatable Handle

      Sterilizing Container

      Screw Sterilizing Container

      Blade for Engine

      Hand Driver

      Ratchet Wrench

      Contra Angle Hand Driver

      Other Accessories

      Protection Bar


      To prevent coil spring or power chain
      from oppressing soft tissue.

      Torqueing Spring

      9450-1 M
      9450-1 L
      9450-2 M
      9450-2 L

      16 X 22
      16 X 22
      18 X 25
      18 X 25

      To control the torque of anterior teeth.

      Sliding Hook



      Put on main line in order to assist
      teeth alignment.

      Coil Spring for A-1 C


      9 mm

      Put on A-1 C』s head in order to assist
      teeth alignment.

      Coil Spring for A-1 P


      9 mm

      Put on A-1 P』s head in order to assist
      teeth alignment.

      Question Hook


      Put on main line and connected screw with coil spring
      or power chain in order to assist teeth alignment.

      Multi-Sliding Hook


      Similar with Question Hook but more flexible to slide.



      0.9 X 24.5mm
      1.1 X 24.5mm
      1.1 X 27.5mm
      1.1 X 33.0mm
      1.5 X 27.5mm
      2.0 X 27.5mm
      2.5 X 27.5mm

      For hard bone density.

      Screw Hook for A-1 C



      Fitted for A-1 C』s head in order to
      hang more coil springs or power chains

      Invited Lecturers

      The list is alphabetized by the family name.

      Dr. Elsa Arango

      Received Dental Degree from Colegio Odontológico Colombiano in Bogotá, Colombia
      Orthodontic training at Fundación Universitaria UniCIEO, Bogotá Colombia
      Clinical professor in the Department of Orthodontics at Fundación Universitaria UniCIEO
      Clinical Research Coordinator in the Orthodontic Program at UniCIEO.
      Scientific advisor for Ortho - Tain in Colombia.

      Dr. Hsin-Fu Chang
      張心涪 醫師

      DDS, National Taiwan University
      MS, Orthodontics Marquette University USA
      Pre-Director, Orthodontic and Dentofacial Orthopedic, National Taiwan University Hospital
      Pre-Vice Director, Department of Dentistry, National Taiwan University Hospital
      Pre-President, Taiwan Association of Orthodontists
      Diplomate, Taiwan Association of Orthodontists
      Member of American Board of Orthodontists (ABO)

      Dr. Jen-Tien Chao
      趙仁天 醫師

      Lecturer, Omnidirection Orthodontic Studio
      Member of Taiwan Association of Orthodontists
      President, Your-Dentist Orthodontic Clinic
      Graduated from Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry, University of Southern California (USC)
      Graduated from School of Dentistry, China Medical University, Taiwan
      DDS, West China School of Stomatology, Sichuan University (SCU)

      Dr. Hsin-Kuang Chen
      陳信光 醫師

      Graduate of School of dentistry, Kaohsiung Medical University,Taiwan
      Army Dentist of Military service in Navy academy of ROC (1989~1991)
      Orthodontic Program, Department of Orthodontics, Showa University, Japan (1994~1997)
      Ph.D. from Showa University, Japan (2006)
      Past President of Taiwan Orthodontic Society (2007~2009)
      Visiting Assistant Professor, Taipei Medical University (2007)、Showa University, Japan (2009)、Kaohsiung Medical University (2010)
      Past President, The Taipei Alumni Association of Dental school, Kaohsiung Medical University (2011)
      Over 30 invited speeches in Taiwan, China and Japan Publications
      12 articles in Taiwan and Japan
      4 Books as Editor or Co-writer

      Dr. John K. Kaku
      賀久浩生 醫師

      Received Dental Degree from Tokyo Dental College in 1989
      Attended one year residency program at the University of California, San Francisco in 1990
      Earn his Specialty Certification in Orthodontics from Boston University School of Graduate Dentistry in 1993
      and received his Master of Science in Dentistry degree from Boston University. He is now in private practice in Tokyo since 1994.
      He has been interested in molar distalization mechanics for Non-extraction Cases which he published numerous professional articles and books in past twenty years.

      Dr. N. R. Krishnaswamy

      Vice Dean and Head Department of Orthodontics
      Ragas Dental College, Dr M.G.R Medical University, Chennai, India.
      Past President Indian Orthodontic Society
      Past Chairman Indian Board of Orthodontics
      Advisory Board member: World Implant Orthodontic Association
      Member of the Editorial Board: European Journal of Clinical Orthodontics
      Best teacher award』 of the MGR Medical University
      Helen and Dewel award of the American Association of Orthodontics for the best article on clinical research published in AJODO in 2012

      Dr. Shou-Hsin Kuang
      況守信 醫師

      Chair of Orthodontic section, Department of Stomatology, Taipei Veterans General Hospital
      Lecturer, School of Dentistry, National Yang-Ming University
      Chief adviser, Taiwan Association of Orthodontist

      Dr. Jia-Zhi Li
      李加誌 醫師

      口腔正畸專業主任醫師,深圳佳至口腔門診部主任,廣東省民營牙科協會深圳分會會長,深圳市福田區社會醫療機構行業協會會長,廣東省口腔醫學會正畸專業委員會常委, 廣東省醫學美容口腔醫學美容專委會副主任委員,國傢首批口腔正畸專科醫師,世界正畸聯盟(WFO)會員。


      Dr. John Jin-Jong Lin
      林錦榮 醫師

      Clinical professor in the Department of Orthodontics at Taipei Medical University.
      Past president of the Taiwan Association of Orthodontists (2000 ~ 2012),and maintains a private orthodontic practice.
      Dr Lin has published 「Creative Orthodontics, Blending the Damon System and TADs to Manage Difficult Malocclusions.」
      1st edition 2007, 2nd edition 2010.

      Dr. Xin-Ping Lin
      林新平 醫師

      浙江大學醫學院坿屬二院口腔正畸學術中心主任、主任醫師、特邀專傢,浙江中醫藥大學口腔醫學院口腔正畸學教授,碩士研究生導師;杭州牙愽藝口腔正畸專科剙始人、Smile & Art口腔正畸培訓部中方主任;eBrace中國區舌側學術中心主任。 AAO龢WFO會員、國際牙醫師學院院士、中華口腔醫學會口腔正畸專業委員會常務委員、《中華口腔正畸學》等雜誌編委,第一位在美國正畸秊會(AAO)上發言的中國大陸醫生。主編龢蓡編《臨牀口腔正畸生物力學機製解析》等專著4部,在國內外專業學術刊物上發錶論文60餘篇。曾任溫州醫學院坿屬口腔醫院院長,浙江大學醫學院坿屬口腔醫院院長助理,浙江省口腔正畸中心主任,杭州口腔醫院常務副院長。擅長矯治青少年龢成年人各類錯合畸形及口腔正畸疑難病例。


      Dr. Johnny Joung-Lin Liaw
      廖烱琳 醫師

      DDS, dental department, National Taiwan University
      MS, Graduate institute of dental and craniofacial science, Chang Gung University
      Director, Beauty Forever Orthodontic Clinic
      Clinical director in National Taiwan University Hospital & Taipei Veterans General Hospital
      President of Taiwan Association of Orthodontists ( 2013~2014 )
      Chairman of Taiwan Board of Orthodontics.

      Dr. Jin Liu
      劉進 醫師



      Dr. John Pobanz

      Owned and operated Pobanz Orthodontics in his home town of Ogden Utah for 15 years.
      Completed Dental and Orthodontic training at the University of Nebraska.
      An associate clinical professor of orthodontics at the University of Pacific.
      Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics.
      His research background emphasized bone physiology. He is recognized as an innovator
      in passive self ligation and miniscrew mechanics.
      He has lectured to international audiences and published multiple articles on these topics
      in addition to treatment acceleration with alveolar performation.

      Dr. Ming-Guey Tseng
      曾明貴 醫師

      National Taiwan University DDS
      St. Louis University, Orthodontic department. M.S
      Founder of Omnidirection Orthodontic Studio (since 1994)
      Private practice (Taipei)
      Diplomate of American Board of Orthodontists
      Consultant of A-1 System

      Dr. Patricia Vergara

      Dentist from the universidad metropolitana of Barranquilla and Orthodontist from the universidad militar de nueva granada CIEO.
      Member of the orthodontic society s.c.o. ASOCIEO member.
      Member of the progressive study group, USA

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